Called Your Chimney Sweep Yet?

It’s already that time of year, time to call your local chimney sweep?

If you’re like most homeowners you probably realize that your chimney has been neglected all spring and summer and now that fall is here, it’s a great time to get a hold of your chimney sweep. 

How much does a chimney sweep cost?

While we can’t speak for other companies, we can tell you that no matter how steep your roof pitch is, nor how many floors up. Wee Sweep has one basic fee for fireplace chimney cleaning, and if the chimney does not need to be cleaned.. there is a small service fee. although we do inspect the chimney.  I know, it’s hard to imagine a chimney sweep could drive to your house, setup, do a thorough chimney sweep, clean-up . Well, we have an ulterior motive…we want to earn your trust. If we do an excellent job at chimney cleaning, you will trust us enough to call us when you need masonry service. You could call it a “loss leader” , except we don’t expect you to buy anything else from us. Again, we just want a chance to earn your business. 

How long does chimney sweeping take?

That depends on how many chimneys you have, angle of the roof, how tall it is, etc. It also makes a difference if we have two guys on the truck that day or just one. On small business chimneys in a one-story strip mall, we can be in and out in 20 to 40 minutes. for a three-story house that has 3 very dirty chimneys and we have one chimney sweep on the route, it can take a few hours. No matter what, you can count on us to do it right. Our chimney sweeps are well trained, informative and thorough.

Schedule a chimney sweep today and we could be out as early as tomorrow. Ideally though, we like to have 2 days notice so we can better plan the routes. With fuel prices what they are, we hope you understand.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Contact us at: 734 455-1330